They Said Whaaa?

by Dana


The following comments are various comments made by NASCAR drivers and media personalities.  They are always some very interesting and funny things said during the week and race weekend – and I love capaturing them..  I'm really looking forward to bringing more quotes throughout the season!  So be sure to check back often!
Mark [Martin] is not reaching for his AARP card yet
Chris Myers
The cheapest thing you bring to Daytona is your [race] car
Kyle Petty on Daytona
Fans don't care about Junior anymore.
~Kenny Wallace regarding fans not cheering when Junior's name was mentioned
I limited by 140 characters, and I'm sitting next to two of them
~ Chris Myers regarding tweeting while sitting next to Darrell and Michael Waltrip
It’s the place where dreams are made and hearts are broken.
~Kyle Petty on Daytona 500

Winning cures everything.
~Darrell Waltrip

I knew I was on fire, I just figured it would go out.
~Kevin Harvick
Love the Juan you’re with.
~Michael Waltrip
She’s not intimidated … that’s hard to find even in a man.
~Kenny Wallace regarding Danica Patrick
An intense pack is back.
~Kyle Busch
It's good to be 21, driving the 21.
~Trevor Bayne
I had to remind myself to be friendly.
~Danica Patrick
It’s a high speed game of chest and I’m always smart enough to play checkers.
~Tony Stewart on the Daytona 500
I’m still a tight wade.
~Kevin Harvick
We don’t wreck as much as we should.
~Jamie McMurray