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by Dana

Dana Horne

Dana’s love for racing began over 25 years ago with her first race, the Grand Prix at the Meadowlands in 1985. The sound of hi-pitched engines going from 200 mph to 50 mph in seconds, combined with the smell and the adrenaline rush felt like no other sporting event — it was love at first lap.  

Though she had attended several races after her first one, it wasn’t until a NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1994 that her love for racing was solidified. Standing next to the track with only a fence between her and 43 cars going over 195 mph was life changing. 

Dana grew up in Westchester County, NY and now lives in the N.E. Atlanta area with her husband (a former SCCA racer) and an adorable dog, Khloe. She attends both Bristol races and the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta each year. Her dream races are Sonoma and Las Vegas. This way she can combine her love for wine, black jack and racing!  She also hopes one day to spend a year traveling the country attending as many races (from many different series) as possible.

In addition to her love for racing, she also enjoys watching golf, ice hockey (Go Rangers!), interior design, photography, graphic design, arts & crafts, cooking, wine, politics, reading, reality TV, skiing, swimming and boating. Dana loves kicking back in the mountains, hiking through city streets and hanging at the beach.

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